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Classic Capote Pattern. Three single breasted,
early Colnial tailored styles. No hoods-- cape and
collar only. Full sizes 32 to 54. Styles are Frontierman
Canoe Jacket, and Frontier Scout. Button Front.

Mackinaw Coat Pattern. This early double-breasted
cut has a double upper body layer, as well as pockets
and flaps designed for very cold weather. Full sizes
from 32 to 54.

Blanket Shirt Pattern. Simple, partially tailored style
for comfort. Comes in four general sizes.S. M. L. and
XL. Pattern may be extended for larger sizes.

Indian Tradecloth Dress Pattern. One-piece, tapered
style of the Plains Indians. Add trim or decorations to
suit yourself. Sizes: Small, Medium. Large, Extra Large.

Pants Pattern. Early popular French fly front. Pattern can
be used with leather or cloth. Shows variations for different
leg fringe styles. Sizes are 26 waist to 48.

Waistcoat Vest Pattern. Militaru cut. Colonial style,
Tailored with pockets and flaps. Sizes Small. Medium.
Large and Extra Large.

Traditional Capote Pattern. These tailored cut styles
are representative of the French and Indian war through
the Fur Trade Era. Eight double brested styles in one
pattern. Full sizes 32 to 54. Styles are Trapper, Old Tailor,
Nor' Wester, Metis, Caped, Longhunter, Voyageur or Duffel.

Trouser Pattern. This popular Fur Trade Era Style can be
used with leather or cloth. Side Buttons . Waist sizes are
26 to 48.

Skirt and Botas Pattern. Skirt pattern may be used with
cloth or leather.Botas sized Small, Medium, or Large.
Skirt waist sizes 22 to 40.

Frontier Shirt Pattern. Popular general tailored style of the
Colonial and Fur Trade Era. Laced thong v-neck style with
cuffs and collar. Sizes S(36-38) M(40-42) L(44-46) XL(48-50)

Child Capote Pattern. This Popular Old Tailor style comes in
three general sizes for children. 25 to 80 pounds. Full sizes
Small, Medium , and Large.

Three In One Pattern. Gun Case, Mittens, and Pouch.
Pouch may be one compartment or double. Gun Case
may be extended in length. Mittens are one piece.

Fringed Capote Pattern. Done in the Square cut style
of the Plains Indian. Comes in four general sizes.
Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.

War Shirt Pattern. This pattern can used as a war shirt
or an Indian Leather Dress pattern. Typical square cut
style. Sizes S, M, L, XL, and XXL.

Patterns are made as simple and historically correct as possible. ALL Patterns $9.50 Each.

Leggins & Breechcloth Patterns. Breechcloth has a
tailored croch for comfort. Leggings are one piece in
S, M, L, and XL. can be made with either leather,
canvas or cloth.

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