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Capotes Styles


Cut much the same as the
Colonial Military long
coats, with a cape that gives
double thickness over the
shoulders. Comes with a large
turned-up collar, belt and lapel


The Nor'Wester capote is cut along
the great coat. the hood gives it a
more northern appearance. Comes with
a belt and cape that gives added warmth.
A lapel button pulls up the collar so
that it fits snugly around the neck.


Early tailored style cut allows for
maximum mobility. Great for canoeing,
horseback riding or serious trekking.
A short 3/4 length coat with a large
cape and turned up collar. Single row
of buttons down the front.


A most practical and universal capote style.
The hood ties secure the hood in cold or
windy weather. Early Colonial cut that allows
good arm movement. suitable almost anywhere.


The plains Indian Fringed or Square cut style
capote is a cut characteristic of a later era
than the tailored styles we offer. it is worn
and appoved at most rendzvous however. This cut
or style came in after the height of the Fur
Trade Era. Comes with a belt, hood, and hood ties

For the Old Tailor, Nor' Wester and Longhunter styles add to price of blanket
$25.00 for a kit.
$80.00 for finished Capote

For the Canoe Jacket and the fringed style add to the price of the blanket
$40.00 for a kit
$105.00 for finished Capote.

Call for the price of Custom Styles

If the Blanket is one of yours add $10.00

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